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Learn Professional Interior Render in 14 Days

  • Make sure Speaker/Headsetnya ON (watch till the end)

  • This course is special for you who want to produce a Profesional Interior Render using 3dsmax V-Ray, 3dsmax CoronaSketchup V-Ray only in 14 Day even you have no experience. Get lifetime access and 100% money back guarantee.

    Introducing 14 Day Interior Render

    The most affordable 3D Render Online Course which give you access to...

    200+ Pre-Record Video Trainings

    You can access the video just like watching Netflix and provide everything you need to create Professional 3D Interior Render

    Lifetime Access

    You will get lifetime access and you can watch as many time as you like, anywhere, anytime.

    Exclusive Group

  • You will get access to exclusive group so you can get help when you stuck

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    Course Curriculum

    Day 1: 3D Modeling

    • 3D Modeling fundamental

    • Modeling interior building fast and efficient from importing CAD files till modeled in 3DSMAX and Sketchup

    • 10 minutes quiz & 60 minutes Practice interior building modeling

    Day 2: Story Telling

    • Learn how real camera works (Exposure triangle, crop factor, lenses, White balance, Camera effect in Arch Viz, Composition Theory)

    • How to use lighting to bring the camera angle to the next level

    • How to create story telling in our images

    • Implementation real camera in 3D Render (create physical camera, show safe frame, camera angle, clay render)

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice creating camera angle and do clay render

    Day 3: Texturing Fundamental

    • Texturing fundamental (resolution, UVW Map, Real world map)

    • How to create seamless texture in Photoshop

    • How to create tons of parquette texture from only 1 texture in Photoshop

    • Implementation in 3D Render

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes Practice Basic Texturing

    Day 4: Scene Texturing

    • Texturing every part of the scene (wall, cealing, concrete, floor, kitchen cabinet, book shelf)

    • How to efficently do the texturing (UVW Randomizer, V-Ray multi subtex/corona multimap, multi texture)

    • 60 minutes Practice texturing interior scene

    Day 5: Shader Fundamental

    • Real life reflection fundamental (fresnel, PBR Vs Realistic Material)

    • How to efficiently create a hi quality shader and save a lot of RAM

    • Understanding the different between bump, normal bump & discplacement

    • Basic Shader (roughness, glosiness, scratch, etc)

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice basic shader

    Day 6: Shader Fundamental 2

    • How to create various shader (Wood, concrete, metal, coat, sheen)

    • How to create glass material (clear glass, frosted glass)

    • How to create two sided/translucent/front back material, light/emissive material

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice more shaders

    Day 7: Shader: Scene

    • How to create shader for every object in the scene (wall, cealing, concrete, wooden floor, kitchen cabinet & Appliences, book shelf)

    • 60 minutes Practice create scene's shaders

    Day 8: Entourage

    • How to create proxy

    • How to choose correct 3D Plants for the environment and save a lot of RAM

    • How to use backplate to save a lot of RAM

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice adding 3D Model to the interior scene

    Day 9: Lighting Fundamental

    • Understanding how the real life light bounce work (sun&sky, artificial light)

    • Understanding how color bleeding happened

    • How HDRI works

    • How to use Sun & Sky (all the parameter)

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes Practice basic lighting

    Day 10: Lighting Fundamental 2

    • How to control Sun & Sky separately

    • How to use daylight system to replicate the real life lighting simulation

    • How to use geo location google map to define the location

    • How HDRI, Sphere, plane, disc, IES, etc works

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice lighting part 2

    Day 11: Lighting: Scene

    • How to analyze reference image to replicate the lighting

    • How to define the main light and the secondary light

    • Avoid the wrong sun angle for interior

    • How to create morning lighting in the interior scene (Sun & Sky, cove light, spotlight, standing lamp, light mix)

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes Practice light the scene

    Day 12: Light Balance

    • Learn the light bounce in the interior scene

    • How to do light balance using light mix

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice light balance

    Day 13: Rendering

    • The benefit of selection render element (Multimatte, wire id, render id)

    • Adding render element (Z-depth, denoiser, diffuse filter, lighting, etc)

    • How to save RAM to render big resolution (5000 pixel above)

    • 5 minutes quiz & 30 minutes Practice final render

    Day 14: Post Production

    • Learn about VFB (V-Ray composite, layer, tone map, etc)

    • How to use selection mask in VFB (V-Ray only)

    • How to use Open EXR

    • Final post production in VFB

    • Final post production in photoshop

    • 5 minutes quiz & 60 minutes practice post production in VFB & Photoshop

    Whats Included In 14 Day Interior Render

    Interior Render 3dsmax V-Ray, 3dsmax Corona & Sketchup V-Ray


    interior rendering in sketchup enscape 3.5

    This program will help you to easily understand how to produce professional interior render with a step by step, simple and easy to follow material so you can easily understand how it works.

    Daily Practice Exercises & Quiz

    Daily practice in sketchup enscape 3.5

    The key to master any skill is to practice. Practice is not perfect. Practice makes permanent. You will get the small exercise on daily basis and quiz to test your terminology.

    Hardware & Software Optimization Training

    hardware and software in sketchup enscape 3.5

    Understand and how to choose the right hardware (Hard drive/SSD, power supply, monitor, processor, RAM, GPU). You will also get how to optimize your Microsoft Windows for 3D Render.

    Color Management Training

    Color management in sketchup enscape 3.5

    Color management is a very crusial part of our industry, before you produce the image, you need to set the color profile on your render output and monitor. In this training you will discover about color profile, gamut and how to set the color profile.

    Workflow Optimization

    Workflow optimization in sketchup 3dsmax vray corona

    Most people always think the PC is the key to get the job done but always forget that you still need to count the man hour that you spent to produce 1 image. In this training, you will know how to speed up your human time by optimizing the workflow.

    Getting Started With 3dsmax

    Getting started with 3dsmax

    You will also get the getting started training to use 3dsmax in a proper way. For you who just getting started, this training will bring you a lot of beneficial.

    Getting Started With Sketchup

    Getting started with sketchup enscape 3.5

    You will also get the getting started training to use Sketchup in a proper way. For you who just getting started, this training will bring you a lot of beneficial.

    Getting Started With Adobe Photoshop

    Getting started with Adobe Photoshop

    You will also get the getting started training to use Adobe Photoshop. For you who just getting started, this training will bring you a lot of beneficial.

    Complete 3D Scene

    3D Scene sketchup 3dsmax vray corona

    You will get the complete 3D Scene for this project includes textures, material and furniture. The 3D Scene will be provided for Sketchup V-Ray, 3dsmax V-Ray & Corona. You will also get the shaderball and other scene for practice.

    V-Ray Preset Render Setting

    preset render setting vray sketchup 3dsmax

    You will get the V-Ray Preset Render Setting not just for final render, but also for draft render to fasten your render time when doing the testing.

    IES Files

    IES Files in sketchup enscape 3.5

    There are tons of IES files out there but how many of you will use it all? Definitely not. You will get our most used IES in our 2G Studio.

    LUT Files

    LUT in sketchup enscape 3.5

    You will get our LUT files

    50 Free 3D Asset Website

    free 3d asset in sketchup enscape 3.5

    You also going to get 50 website address to download free 3D model, HDRI & Textures. One of em is our own creation of HDRI.

    2G Academy Global Community

    Sketchup Enscape Community

    You will get access to our Global Community so you can do networking with people who have same interest.

    Learn Professional Interior Render in 14 Days

    interior render 3dsmax vray 3dsmax corona sketchup vray

    Again, you are getting:

    • 14 Day interior render training using 3dsmax V-Ray (worth $250)

    • 14 Day interior render training using 3dsmax Corona (worth $250)

    • 14 Day interior render training using Sketchup V-Ray (worth $250)

    • Hardware & Software Optimization (worth $15 included FREE)

    • Color Management (worth $15 included FREE)

    • Workflow Optimization & Basic Setting (worth $50 included FREE)

    • Getting Started with Sketchup (worth $25 included FREE)

    • Getting started with Adobe Photoshop (worth $15 included FREE)

    • V-Ray Render Setting (worth $55 included FREE)

    • White & Final interior scene for 3dsmax V-Ray (include furnitures & textures for practice) (worth $65 included FREE)

    • White & Final interior scene for 3dsmax Corona (include furnitures & textures for practice) (worth $65 included FREE)

    • White & Final interior scene for Sketchup V-Ray (include furnitures & textures for practice) (worth $65 included FREE)

    • LUT, IES Files, shader ball (worth $15 included FREE)

    • 50 website to download free 3D Model, HDRI & Textures (worth $15 included FREE)

    • Exclusive Group (priceless)

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    Meet Your Instructor

    Reinaldo Handaya

    My name is Reinaldo and since 2008 I started my career as a freelancer in the Arch Viz industry.I started with a Pentium 4 laptop at the time (because that was what was available, and I was grateful at the time because I was given the opportunity by God to have a laptop).In 2011, I received my first international award from CG Architect and started founding 2G Studio, which now has a total team of more than 30 people. I also got several awards and recognition from ASAI, 3D World Magazine, Ronen Bekerman.

    Reinaldo Handaya award CG Architect

    CG Architect

    Visualization Pro of The Week

    Reinaldo Handaya award ASAI


    Award of Excellence

    Reinaldo Handaya award 3D World Magazine

    3D World Magazine

    Featured Artist

    Reinaldo Handaya award Ronen Bekerman

    Ronen Bekerman

    Best Visualization of The Week

    And in recent years, one of 2G Studio's works has been nominated for an international competition at the 3D Award CG Architect in 2020. Only five people were selected out of thousands of submissions from all over the world. At the same time also got Visualization Pro of The Week.

    Reinaldo Handaya CG Architect

    CG Architect

    Visualization Pro of The Week

    Reinaldo Handaya CG Architect 3D Award

    CG Architect 3D Award

    Non Commissioned Image Category

    I was also invited to be a judge in the Arch Viz category at one of the prestigious 3D industry competitions, The Rookie Awards 2021-2023, and was a co-host for the 24 Hours of Chaos event by Chaos Group (creator of the V-Ray rendering engine) from 2020 to 2022.

    Reinaldo Handaya Judge The Rookies Award

    The Rookies Award

    One of The Judge For Arch Viz Category

    Reinaldo Handaya 24 hour of chaos

    Chaos Group

    24 Hour of Chaos

    2G Academy also became the Authorized Training Center of Chaos Group on 2021 and we became the academic partner ever since.

    Reinaldo Handaya Vray Licensed Trainer

    Chaos Group

    Licensed Trainer

    2G Academy Vray Authorized Training Center

    Chaos Group

    Authorized Training Center

    Can you guess what the #1 lesson I learned in over 10 years of journey in the Arch Viz industry is?

    You're absolutely right, you don't need a super-powered PC to create great 3D renders and start transforming your life for the better.Once you understand all the fundamentals needed to create 3D renders, the sky is the limit in terms of achieving your dreams, just like the awards I received below, which were created using only a first-generation i7 computer at the time.

    Reinaldo Handaya Vray community meeting speaker

    Chaos Group

    V-Ray Community Meeting & Sigraph Asia

    2G Academy Community

    Give Back To The Community

    Speaks at University & Public Events in Indonesia

    And that's what inspired me to establish 2G Academy and create the most affordable 3D online courses in the world to help many people quickly master the necessary skills to create professional 3D renders without being dependent on the PC they have.

    But I understand, you might not care who I am and why I created this platform...

    Now, what you need to care about is THAT I CAN HELP YOU!

    After relaunching 2G Academy in 2020, more than 4,000 Indonesian 3D artists have joined 2G Academy.

    Many are surprised by how fast and in-depth the step-by-step explanations on how to create 3D are, which they have never received from anywhere before.

    I hope you are as excited as I am to start your 3D journey together. 

    The Exclusive Tribe, where you will be part of a community under my guidance, is waiting for you. I hope to meet you soon!

    Below are the Student Work From Indonesia & Student Testimonial

    Sie Arifin 2G Academy

    Sie Arifin Ciputra

    Eduardus Matthew 2G Academy

    Eduardus Matthew

    EDP Visual 2G Academy

    Elsha Dwi Putri Lestari

    Kevin Trisna 2G Academy

    Kevin Trisna

    Citra Lorencia 2G Academy

    Citra Lorencia

    DXD Visual 2G Academy

    Sella Cahyadi

    2G Academy is amazing. Because of the good mentorship, 2G Academy Took my work from pretty average to pretty decent.

    - Justin Bourn, Blank Canvas Studio

    The course is amazing, the support, the knowledge. They really care about us. For me the true value is the support after finishing the course.

    - Alejandro Sotomayor, SOTA & Co

    Who This Course Is For

  • For those of you who want to master 3D Interior Render but don't know where to start.

  • For those of you who value time greatly, so that mastering 3D Render QUICKLY is the most important thing for you. The main goal of this course is to help you master it FASTER, and we have summarized 10 years of experience in the next 14 days.

  • For those of you who have already learned 3D Render but still have difficulty consistently creating professional 3D Renders in each of your projects.

  • For those of you who are experienced and want to continue to develop and also want to help friends in a positive community so that they can develop together (if you are the person I mean, I REALLY WANT YOU to be in this community)

  • For those of you who want to continue to develop even if you use a simple PC/laptop because you can be grateful for having the PC/laptop you have now.

  • For what professions is this course for?

  • Architects/Interior designers who provide interior design services and want to present professional 3D Renders to communicate designs to clients.

  • Owners of architectural/interior design bureaus/studios who want to have an integrated, systematic, and automated 3D Render education without having to get involved themselves.

  • Contractors who want to have an integrated, systematic, and automated 3D Render education without having to get involved themselves.

  • Developers who have their own 3D render team and want to have an integrated, systematic, and automated 3D Render education without having to get involved themselves.

  • Owners of 3D Render studios who want to have an integrated, systematic, and automated 3D Render education without having to get involved themselves.

  • Professional 3D Artists who want to improve their rendering skills to the next level and have an efficient workflow to maximize their output in terms of quality and quantity.

  • Vocational school students or Architecture/Interior Design/Civil Engineering students who want to quickly master Interior 3D Render without having to waste years searching on YouTube at a very affordable price.

  • Who is this course NOT for?

  • Individuals who purchase the course and join the group solely to make other participants feel bad because they understand the material better. We strongly condemn this kind of behavior.

  • Individuals who do not value their time and, therefore, do not value SPEED in mastering 3D Render.

  • Individuals who expect to join the course and immediately have a magical setup to produce great renders because professional 3D rendering takes time to train one's sense of art.

  • Individuals who always claim that their PC is not powerful enough to learn, when in fact, many have already informed that learning can start with what is available. Weak PC should not be used as an excuse for laziness in learning.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the level of this course? Is it suitable for beginners?

  • The 14 Day Interior Render Course is designed for people who have no knowledge on how to create 3D renders but want to learn how to create professional-quality 3D renders using a basic PC without requiring high-end or expensive equipment.The course aims to help people who have no experience with 3D rendering, as well as those who are already proficient in creating professional 3D renders, to improve their skills further and achieve international recognition for their work after years of waiting.

  • Is the program no longer accessible after the 14-day period?

  • You can access this material for a lifetime, with no time limit.After joining, you can view it anywhere and anytime online, even on your mobile phone, and get everything that I have informed above.

  • When does this course start? And what if I can't follow it for the full 14 days because I'm busy?

  • You can access this course immediately after joining. There is no specific start date. You can start anytime.I named this course the 14 Day Interior Render because you will get everything you need within 14 days. You don't have to follow it every day because we understand that everyone has their own busy schedules. We designed the program to discuss topics per day to make it easier for you to focus on learning for each day and maximize your time.You can access the material again anytime without any time limit and use it to review topics that you have not fully understood. We ourselves often review and repeat the course material as our level of understanding increases over time and practice.

  • Can I learn all of this on my own through YouTube?

  • YouTube is an incredible resource, and even to this day, I often search for tutorials on YouTube. YouTube can provide thousands of video contents for free, and even an individual would not be able to produce that much content.But the side effect is that you will spend a lot of time, hours, days, months, or even years searching for tutorials, and you will only get some answers without getting the training to help you understand and master the skill you want.To understand free tutorials on YouTube, we often need to understand the fundamentals first so that we only need to look at the techniques without needing to search for the thinking process. Personally, I already understand the fundamentals, so when I search on YouTube, I don't have any problems.If you are someone who values your time, speed, and how much money you can earn by mastering the 3D Render skill faster, then the 14 Day Interior Render is for you. My question to you is, how much do you value your time?

  • Can I directly ask or request a Zoom call if there's something I don't understand?

  • You will get access to an exclusive tribe where you can upload your progress anytime and ask questions. In that group, I will personally help answer the problems you encounter, but make sure you have watched the videos carefully because many questions are often asked even though the answers have been explained in the videos. Basically, they are too lazy to watch the video and just want to ask directly.As for Zoom, it is only available for those who take the live coaching package.

  • Do I need a high-spec PC/laptop to take this course?

  • One thing you need to have is a PC/Laptop with any spec if that's what you already have. In learning 3D Rendering, you don't need to immediately practice in an interior space. For materials, you only need a small scene called a shader ball with a small file size, light to render, and can be used to create realistic materials. All the learning materials are designed to be gradual and light so you can maximize your existing PC/Laptop.You will also learn how to choose a hard disk, power supply, monitor, processor, RAM, and VGA for future upgrades.

  • Do I need to invest in a high-spec PC / laptop beforehand?

  • It really depends on what you believe is more valuable to you:

    1. Buying a high-spec PC / Laptop and then searching for tutorials on your own on YouTube without any step-by-step guidance and without any way to practice.

    2. Investing in this course which contains all the fundamentals needed, quizzes, and exercise files so that in the future you can optimize the PC/Laptop that you already have or will buy later on.In this course, you will learn how to choose a hard disk, power supply, monitor, how processors work, and upgrade your RAM and VGA later on, as well as optimize your PC for 3D rendering.All professional 3D artists agree that mastering the skill is more important than the PC/Laptop.But at the end of the day, the decision is in your hands."

  • Am I given the software?

  • The software such as 3DSMAX, Sketchup, V-Ray, Corona, Enscape are priced tens of times higher than the price of this course, so it's very unlikely for us to provide the software. We never support anything related to pirated software and we will never support it because it only teaches others to steal.

  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

  • Certainly! You will receive a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied and do not like this online course, contact us via email or WhatsApp the admin, and you will immediately receive a full refund without any questions asked.

  • 2023 2G Academy. All Rights Reserved.
    Email: [email protected]